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2016-2017 Frances Willard Staff

Mrs. Charlton

Charlton, Colleen

Mrs. Parker

Mrs. Parker
Parker, Kristina


BookFLIX and TrueFLIX are a subscription databases our school pays for that lets students read fiction and non-fiction books about subjects and play games about the books.  See the librarian for the username and password.




Captain Hedgie McPricklesworth

Captain Hedgie McPricklesworth

PTA Kindles being checked out from Library


Read Across America


We began "Reading Across America" in January.  We made it all the way across America by reading 4000 books by March 2.


Groovy Book Fair


 The book fair at Frances Willard has ended but the online book fair continues until February 21! 

Peace Love & Books

Groovy times at the Book Fair

Keep our new books looking new!


My Hero - Kate DiCamillo!



Everybody can get a Library card - and it's FREE

The Kansas City Kansas Public Library is free.  Visit one of our 5 branches.  Every student can have their own FREE library card and check out books.  The library offers activities for children and adults including movies, entertainment, and classes.  You can check their web site at www.kckpl.org.



The five branches are 

Main Library
625 Minnesota Avenue 

South Branch Library
3104 Strong Avenue 

Turner Community Library
831 S 55th, Turner Rec Center 

West Wyandotte Library
1737 N 82nd Street 

F. L. Schlagle Library
4051 West Drive, Wy Co Lake

For information about the mobile library go to the link

Mobile Library 








Dr. Seuss Writing Contest Winners

Fourth and Fifth Grade students were given a list of words to use in a story.  The following are our winners.

words to use: glasses, mirror, rainbow, socks, telephone, trouble, box, alone, dig, ear, fly, hurt, night

by Alexis Corral

    Once upon a time there was a girl that was shy but nice.  She wore glasses so a group of girls called her a nerd.  The girl’s name was Erica.  Erica did not like mirrors but her mom Maria had bought a mirror.  Maria didn’t like seeing herself in the mirror.  She didn’t like cell phones so she just had a telephone.  One day the group of girls were bullying her.  They stole her socks, they put her in a box.  Maria felt to hurt and alone.  But the girls didn’t know that teacher had seen them bully Maria.  The teacher pulled the group leader by her right ear.  Then Maria saw the prettiest boy in school, Alexis.  Alexis asked Maria out.  Maria felt like she was flying in the sky, “fly, fly, fly” said a bird.  Mari came back to earth and said “yes” to Alexis.  A rainbow of love appeared.  At night Maria couldn’t stop thinking of Alexis.  The group leader of the bully’s was hurt because Maria had turned the tortilla.


by Bryan

Once there lived a kid.  He had his ear on the telephone.  He was looking at himself in the mirror with his glasses on.  The kid hung up and looked at the floor that was covered with socks, so he got an idea of putting the socks in a box that was in the attic.  When he got up to the attic he got hurt by stepping on a nail.  He had trouble taking the ail off because he was alone in the night.  The kid woke up and went outside when he was outside he saw a rainbow and also a lot of flies.  The kid started to dig for gold because he was playing treasure hunt.  


My Crazy Day by Yuliana

On, my glasses are so beautiful when I looked in the mirror.  I go outside, oh my gosh I see a bright rainbow.  I almost forgot to put socks on and my shoes.  My telephone rang and I jumped cause it scared me.  My mom called and said, “you’re in trouble young lady.”  You broke my favorite box.  I am alone I said to myself so I went to my mom’s house.  When I was there my mom screamed, “Oh my Cutie Patootie, now go and dig seeds.”  I went to dig up seeds then I heard a bee near my ear; a bee could fly.  The bee stung my ear, AAAAH  I scream it hurts.  Later that night my mom put me to sleep and said close your eyes, tomorrow will be fine.  Next day.   AAAAH!

The End

By Amaya Zednanreh

A boy named Agev Andril.  He had trouble with his eyesight and needed new glasses.  When he went to the glasses store there were all sorts of glasses.  There were blue glasses, red glasses, big glasses, small glasses.  He tried on the big glasses and looked in the mirror.  When he looked in the mirror he broke by looking at it.  Then he tried on some rainbow ones.  He didn’t like how they looked so he threw them in the air and they flew across the room. After the worker got off of the telephone he caught Agev and Agev got in trouble.  Agev said “I didn’t do anything.”  The worker said “you didn’t see the glasses fly across the room?”  Then a customer came in so he left and Agev didn’t get in trouble.  Agev saw a pile of glasses so he had to dig throw them to find the right glasses.  After a while he found some glow in the night glasses.  When he tried them on he accidentally pinched his ear and got hurt.  Then one of the workers told him to get a band-aid out of this box.  He bought the glasses and went home.  By the time he went home it was already dark so he couldn’t wait to try out his glasses.  After he tried on his glasses, he went to bed.  When he went to sleep he accidentally knocked off his glasses and they landed in a pile of socks.  When he woke up he couldn’t find his glasses.  He didn’t want his mom to find out so thankfully he was alone in his room.  He decided to clean his room and then he found them in his sock pile.  Then he stepped on his glasses and had to get new ones. Agev was really mad.


Under the Sea Book Fair

Under the Sea Book Fair

Welcome - Humphry

Humphry has finally chosen his name and appreciates all the suggestions.  You can go to the link and read his journal.



Humphry's Journal

Frances Willard Library

Frances Willard Library

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The Boy on the Porch by Sharon Creach

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